About Me

I'm a 32 year old independent Filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California.

I have an MFA from the UCLA Animation Workshop, where I created several short films such as Friday Night Tights and Magical Flipbook for Animators,and I am currently working at Rhythm and Hues Studios as a layout artist.

My main passion as a filmmaker is in Animated musical films. I've just finished my first original musical film Friday Night Tights and is currently developing a new CG short based on a song written by Peter Mills. I also have a feature musical animation script that I've been writing for past couple of years that I hope to direct oneday.

Professionally my main focus is in CG layout and Stereoscopic 3D cinematography. I also frequently work with student directors to visualize their script by storyboards. I greatly enjoy working with and getting a close look into creative process of others.

My Backgrounds

I was born in Seoul, Korea, as a son of father who is a professor in physical education.

Far form my dad's expectations, I was never good at sports growing up. Instead, I prefered staying home doodling and reading comic books.

Just like all the othe asian kids who had to go to engineering school instead an art school, I went to a architecrual engineering program for my undergraduate degree. Architectural design was fun but could never could satisfy my urge to draw living, breathing characters.

At the age of 27, I came to UCLA to get my masters in animation and successfully finished a 3year program in 4 years.

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